Piper Boat Owners' Club

A club open to anyone who owns a Piper-built boat

How can a Piper Boat be Recognised?

Although David Piper boats bear certain common features, the majority were built for private customers, fulfilling their own particular specifications.

David Piper boats may have some or all of the following characteristics:

Traditional Style (up to 1997)


Headlamp on a cranked 

free-standing pipe in 

front of cratch.


Square water-tank lid, hinged at forward end.  Water in the 

bow storage tank can be viewed by lifting the lid. 








Steel grab-rail continuous with cabin sides.  Similar wooden rail on earlier boats.

Particular livery design across back doors.


Hopper windows.  Some older boats with a round hopper window for the bathroom.  Curved-top Dutch barge type windows on some later boats.

Sliding hatch at fore end as well as at rear.  Slide rails were solid wood faced with brass.


Wooden seats on foredeck cut in a radius to facilitate the opening of the cabin doors.

Wooden pigeon box over sleeping cabin.

Other features

  • Facility of boat-handling light and easy to steer.

  • Gas locker lid below back deck, shaped characteristically.

  • Air venting for front cabin area via front locker.

  • Roof angled in ribs in older boats.

  • Built-in storage area beneath side-hatch steps.

  • Calorifier system

Cruiser Style (Up to 1997)  



   Decorative wooden strip

   along cabin side 

   above windows

Engine controls on 

rear bulkhead.



Hopper windows.  

Deeply curved roof, especially on later 

boats in this series. 



Shape of front cabin.

Grab rail with discontinuous 

plates to roof

Simon Piper Boats  

(From 1997 approx)

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