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The Piper Owners’ Club is open to anyone who owns a Piper boat.  Associate members are those who owned a Piper boat, but who have now retired from boating. The club is run by an informal committee and offers:  

  • A colour magazine, Pipeline, produced quarterly for the members.  

  • A members’ Christmas lunch and a Spring Dinner are held each year.  

  • Many members offer logistical support in the event of distress, or extended trips

  • The club holds records of most boats built by David between 1980 and 2000 and many earlier boats

  • Value enhancement by maintaining the boat’s pedigree.  

  • Advice, support and exchange of experiences.  

  • The cost of membership is currently £15 per year

If you are interested in joining the club, please download the

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Club Gathering at Marple


Jess 239 and Owlet 240 met on the Llangollen Canal

Members of the Piper Owners’ Club who met at the

Red Bull Pub for a social occasion

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