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Piper Boats New Workshop

 by Patrick & Angela Marks


Simon Piper's business has extended into a smart new workshop, on the Victoria Business Estate.  The main sign for the business estate is on the corner of the main Biddulph to Tunstall Road and Brown Lees Road.  You actually turn into Brown Lees Road and take the first left into the business estate and Piper Boats is on the left.  



Boats being "woodworked" are in there - the workshop is large, light and airy - wonderful conditions for the woodwork and painting.  There are three boats being worked on, one 46ft and one 52ft narrowboat and a 42ft little Dutch barge, nearing completion. 

Simon said there were two more boats due over from the steel shop (still at the old unit, on the PWS Industrial estate.)   I went over to have a look and found a fantastic 60ft Dutch Barge, it was really impressive with a super stern cabin and lovely lines.  I understand this is off, when finished, to the Nottingham area.   Also on the Dutch Barge side, there is a super 55ft one with a rear well deck, being built for Chris Farmer.  Work was also well on, on a 60ft very traditional narrowboat.  I asked where this was going/who was it being built for, but with all the noise in there, all I could make out was "Ashby" or similar, so we shall see!




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