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We are gradually building up a library of Piper boats photos, in alphabetical order, over three pages. Please note that some boats were fully fitted and some were supplied as 'Sailaways' or shells. Please contact Dot Piper for further details on any boat.

Queens Ransom

Rambling Rose



Rivendell. 1976? Supplied complete. Later lengthened by David Piper


Rosina (1)

Rosina (2)

Rosie Piper. 1992. DP No.390. Cruiser, supplied complete.

Rowan. 1983. DP No.262. Supplied complete. Previously named Smoky Bear and Cherry.



Rupsie Jane. 1985. DP No.281. Supplied as Delux and Boatman. Previously named Cecil James.




More here soon


Safari. 1995. DP No. 440. Fully Complete Trad


Second One. 1992. DP No.400. Supplied as Cruiser Shell

September Morn. 1986. DP No.287. Supplied complete. Previously named Lady Ellen and Leslie's Joy

Shelley. 1988. DP No.326. Supplied fully complete

Silver Birch. 1983. DP No.263. Supplied shell and engine. Previously named George

Slowcoach. 1983. DP No. 265

Slow Time - Piper Boats New

Solomon. 1982. DP No.255. Supplied fully complete. Previously named Elsie Potter (1) and Bistaare

TamLin. 1983. DP No.261. Supplied fully complete.

Previously named Gordon, now Nan Horon

Tantler - Piper Boats Complete New

Tess. 1991. DP No.378. Supplied as shell plus windows

Toulouse 58ft semi trad narrowboat

The Vancy. 1997. DP No.452. Supplied as shell and engine. Previously named Aquilar

Thurlwood. 1985. DP No. 283. Supplied semi complete

Tichitoro. 1985. DP No.282. Supplied fully complete. Previously named Pied Piper


Turbulence.  1979. DP No. 222. Supplied as shell. Cruiser.

Ursula. 1985. DP No.284. Supplied semi complete

Veritas. 1990. DP No.368. WDH and engine

Wand. 1991. DP No.382. Supplied as Shell with owner fit-out. Previously named Nobby.

Wandrin Star. 1993. DP No.416. Supplied as shell.

Previously named William Albert

War-'Orse or War Horse. 1984. DP No.270. De Luxe Shell

Wedgwood. 1980. DP No.232. Supplied complete. Previously named Maggoty Johnson. Heritage Hireboat.



Whinchat. 1975.

White Nancy. 1983. DP No.260. Supplied complete. Trip boat

William. 1991. DP No.356. 52ft Boatman's extended to 62 ft

Willow GU


 Yavanna built 2008, 55ft Piper Boats, semi trad


Zephir. 1986. DP No.288. De Luxe plus engine


Wanted..... more Piper Boat Photos.

If you have a photo that you think should go on theses pages please send it to Dot .

The boat name must accompany photo and ideally we would like some further boat info (Build No. length, engine, year built etc.)

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