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Piper Boats Photo Library A - G

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We are gradually building up a library of Piper boats photos, in alphabetical order, over three pages. Please note that some boats were fully fitted and some were supplied as 'Sailaways' or shells. Please contact Dot Piper for further details on any boat.

Aida.  1986. Supplied as a completed boat, 43' with a BMC 1.5 engine

Agnes Auty. 1992. DP No 398. Supplied Shell and engine


 Alfian. 1988. DP No. 318. Supplied Shell and Engine

Alice. 2000. DP No. 472. Supplied shell only

New Animishkaa. Built 1999 david piper launched at red bull but built at Biddulph.




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Anna Laetitia. 1970s. Owner fit-out.


ANGRY BULL Audlem. 1970s. Twinram hire boat, Daystar Theatre

Anson. 1989. DP No. 286. Previously named Charlotte Rhodes. Supplied Shell only.

Anturio III. 1985. DP No. 276. Supplied Complete.

Argy Bargy

Aramanda. 1986. DP No. 340. Supplied Fully Fitted

L'arc en Ciel. 1985. DP No.279. Previously named Skybow. Supplied shell only.

Arlen cruiser - hirefleet on the Lancaster canal

Ashlar. 1996. DP No. 449. Ex Bugsworth (demo boat) supplied complete

Ayton. 1985. DP No.278. Supplied fully complete.

Beija Flor built by David Piper (Boatbuilders) in 1971. Pre Red Bull, built at Norbury. A 4 year old Simon on board.

Ben-My-Chree. 2000. Owner fit-out

Ballington Belle


Beatrix. DP no 291, built as a complete in 1986 as Bliss, then known as Taffy 11 and now Beatrix.

Barleycorn. 1995. DP No. 434. Bare Shell





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Beth. DP No.238. Bare Shell, originally Wren


Black Bess. 1994. DP No.428. Supplied part complete with Gardner engine

Bosun. 1979. DP No.224. Supplied as De luxe shell



Bramble S

Brammle. 1989. DP No.330. Supplied fully complete.


Cailin. 1986. DP No.296. Previously named Gwynedd and Nirvana. Supplied bare shell.

Caroline. 1985. DP No.280. Supplied as bare shell steelwork only.


Cassie Dentdale

Castor. 1984. DP No.272. Supplied as shell only.

Cavatina. 1983. DP No.264. Previously named St.Thomas. Supplied fully complete.

Charity. 1975?

Chugger. 1975?. Previously known as Friendship and Bittern


Cleo. 1971. 36ft Cruiser

Comfrey. 1989. DP No.348. Supplied shell plus windows.

Conder Miller.  1983. DP No.257. 50ft supplied complete



Cordelia. 1990. DP No.366. Supplied fully complete, with boatmans cabin

Corinna. 1987. DP No.302. Supplied as bare shell only

Cornelian. 1996 DP No.444. Supplied fully complete.

Coverdale. Ex IML Hire Boat

Crayfish. 1994. DP No. 424. Supplied complete

Damson. 1993. DP No.414. Supplied fully complete

Dawn Mist. 1992. DP No. 396. Supplied Shell plus engine


Deinos. 1979. DP No.200. Supplied Bare shell only.

Dawn Piper -  1971 and a more recent photo - still with original engine New

Denry. 1995. DP No.436. Supplied part complete.

 Dienos. 35 ft

Doric. 1977. Cruiser style shell.

Dragonfly. Twinram hire boat, stretched

Ellen. 1989. Supplied shell plus engine

Elmley. 1984. DP No.271. Supplied fully complete.

Emily. 1986. DP No.293. Supplied shell plus engine

Emmie Rose. 1992. DP No.372?. Previously named Emmie. ex demo boat. Supplied fully complete.

Eve Of Spring. 1990. DP No.364. Supplied bare shell plus engine.

Fiddlers Dream. 1994. DP No.426. Part fit out

Findhorn. 1988. DP No.320. Previously named Whisky Mac and Sarum

Finlandia. Shell built for Peak Forest Cruisers



Florrie. 1985. DP No.277. Supplied fully complete, with boatmans cabin.

Freedom. 1981. DP No.242. Supplied fully complete.

George Smith of Coalville. 1981. DP No.246. Previously named Esk. Supplied part complete.

Galleons Lap. updated DP No 442 Previously Devon

Gandalf. 1987. DP No.304. Supplied fully complete.

Gemara Smiff


Gradely. 1983. No.254


More information is known about many Piper Boats and Dot Piper is always happy to share known information.

Please contact Dot for further details.  email Dot Piper

Wanted..... more Piper Boat Photos.

If you have a photo that you think should go on theses pages please send it to Dot .

The boat name must accompany photo and ideally we would like some further boat info (Build No. length, engine, year built etc.)

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