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We are gradually building up a library of Piper boats photos, in alphabetical order, over three pages. Please note that some boats were fully fitted and some were supplied as 'Sailaways' or shells. Please contact Dot Piper for further details on any boat.

Hannah. 1990. DP No.362

Hector. 1997 DP No. 454

Hephzibah. 1997. DP No.450. Supplied complete

Highdale. 1981. DP No.252

Idle Woman. 1990. DP No. 358. Previously named Nancy Lee. Supplied Shell and engine

Idly Dan. 1982. DP No.253. Supplied Complete

Ilex. 1976


New Indian Sunset. Margaret and Roger bought "Indian Sunset" in October 2010 from Saul Junction Marina (Lakeland Leisure), where they are still based. Indian Sunset is a 52ft cruiser-stern built at Biddulph in 2006/7. She has a Beta 38 engine and PRM120 gearbox. Believed to be also named 'Pipers Pride' for a short time.

Inyanga. 1991. DP No.380. Supplied Shell and Engine

Ivy. 1990. DP No.350. Supplied complete

Jess. 1980. DP No.239. Grinlow

Jonshimel. 1984. DP No.267. Supplied complete.

Joy. 1992. DP No.404. Supplied Shell and Engine

Juliet Cathryn




More here soon

Kathe. 1999. DP No.462. Supplied semi complete





Kingfisher. 1992. DP No.410. Supplied shell plus WDH


Knobsticks. 1979 DP No.221. 45ft Supplied bare shell

Lady Ann. 1983. DP No.258. Previously named Georgina / Piglet. Supplied fully complete

Lark Rise. 1987. DP No.295. Supplied fully complete with boatmans.

Lee Beck. 1991. DP No.386. Previously named Te Rauperhara. Supplied as waterproof shell and engine

 Leonore (Now Kingfisher). 1988. DP No.316. Supplied fully complete

Mr McCawber. 1984. DP No.269. Supplied complete.  Previously named Lady Ellen and Rita My.



Napton. 1991. DP No.384. Previously named Black Bess (1). Supplied part complete with boatmans cabin.

North Star. 1991. DP No.374. Supplied fully complete Boatman's

Ogwr. 1990. DP No.370. Supplied DL and engine

Omega. 1981. DP No. 245. Supplied complete.

Otter. 1976 Supplied Complete. Total refit
Previously name Corbar, then Cindy Lou.

Our Gracie Updated photo


Owlet. 1980. DP No.240. Supplied complete.

Paramour. DP No.448. Owner fit out, fitted out at Pipers - 1997.

Peace at Last. DP No. 360. Originally Whimbrel, later Springbok, then Peterson, Now Peace at Last.

Pendragon. 1987. DP No.308. Supplied shell only. Fitted out by Thomas Narrowboats.

Pink Bitz. Former IML Hire Boat

Pinmill. 1993 DP No.394. Supplied fully fitted Trad. Previously named Apple

Phileas Fogg

Poppy. 1990 DP No.350. Supplied complete.

Promise. 1988. DP No. 310. Supplied complete.

Wanted..... more Piper Boat Photos.

If you have a photo that you think should go on theses pages please send it to Dot.

The boat name must accompany photo and ideally we would like some further boat info (Build No. length, engine, year built etc.)

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